You can eliminate expenses like - employee salaries, bonuses, commissions, health insurance, workman's comp insurance, unemployment insurance, and 401(k)/retirement plans. 

Stop allowing your sales team to ruin valuable leads. They don't want to follow up on your leads. We do! 

Let your sales team focus on doing what they do best - showing & selling cars! 

BDC Bandits has a team of specialists trained to convert the toughest customer leads to customer appointments! 



"I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your help and assistance in April. It started off as a slow month for us, which it historically is, but finished with us meeting our FCA Vehicle Expectations as well as additional FCA New Truck Expectations. I wanted to let you and your teams know how much we appreciate your hard work. We all know that customers aren't always the easiest, and that dealerships get a little crazy at times, so the added support you provide is invaluable. I also thought you would like to know that based solely out of the customers who you set appointments for, we were able to sell 8 new vehicles. Thank you again!" – DANNIELLE SOUTHON, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, TITUSVILLE CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP

​BDC BANDITS is a lead conversion company for new and independent automotive dealerships, RV dealerships, boat dealerships, and motorcycle dealerships.

BDC BANDITS calls, texts, and e-mails your leads for you!

Our specialists take the responsibility, liability, and cost away from dealerships while delivering quality appointments.

​We will work in tandem with your current BDC or Sales Department to improve processes and efficiencies, or you can simply eliminate the high cost of your BDC department by allowing BDC Bandits to book all of your customer appointments for you!

SALES & SUPPORT 800-250-6512

Using a mathematical algorithm to generate a proven "Synchronized Calling Strategy" BDC BANDITS has the highest lead to conversion rate in the industry.

Using Grant Cardone & Jordan Belfort schooling & techniques, our specialist's lead to appointment ratio is far greater than traditional BDC Departments and Sales teams. Overcoming objections and using skills like tonality & reasoning are our specialties!

BDC Bandits will even make your customer service calls & service department calls!

Increase unit sales, increase store morale - Let BDC Bandits make the calls for you!