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"Social Media Marketing has been a huge boon for our business. Working with Nevcor Technology has been so easy! They were able to take over all of our social media and the job they have done has been nothing short or amazing. Their marketing pros have created all of our content including images, posts, hashtags, and sales promotions. We no longer have to spend money on a social media coordinator - Nevcor Technology has improved our social media platforms while saving us a fortune." - ROBBY HARPER,BRIGGS MECHANICAL



Social Media Marketing has quickly become the fastest growing advertising format in America, and smart businesses are taking advantage of it!

Did you know, 3.2 BILLION people use social media? In fact, 42% of the earth’s population uses social media.

Two-thirds of the U.S. population share their lives on Facebook every day. YouTube has 1.9 billion users, Instagram has 1 billion users, and Twitter has 335 million users – and counting!

Many people think social media is just for todays younger generation, but that’s not the case. While 90.40% of Millennials participate in social media and 77.50% of Generation X’ers are social media users, a whopping 48.20% of Baby Boomers are also social media users! Are you marketing to them through social media?

If you are like most businesses, you most likely need help with Social Media.

Do you need help creating robust campaigns, a steady flow of powerful posts, intelligent hashtags, creative one-pagers and graphic design elements, a consistent calendar, and clear reporting? The Nevcor Technology Social Media Marketing Team is your go-to team for all things Social Media.

Our team of Social Media gurus will create colorful and powerful marketing pieces, intelligent posts, and exactly the right hashtags to drive traffic to your website, increase followers, and increase ‘likes’ – and ultimately, SALES!.

Nevcor Technology’s Social Media team are experts when it comes to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin. We will create your posts and graphics, schedule your posts, and monitor your posts.

Our team will also recommend the appropriate amount of spend for your boosted ads so you stay within your budget and generate the results you need to surpass your sales targets.

Nevcor Technology will create custom posts to the social media platforms of your choice. Choose between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin or choose all five!

Nevcor Technology offers multiple campaigns to choose from. You can choose the frequency that is best for your company & your budget. Our Social Media Marketing Experts will design powerful messages, graphics, & hashtags to promote your business & your brand.

You will have a dedicated Social Media Marketing Specialist assigned to your account to assist you in developing your social media footprint. Our specialists are experts in attracting followers, and generating comments & likes on your social media platforms.

BDC Bandits offers campaigns ranging from as many as 240 posts per month to as few as 16 posts per month. We have campaigns to fit any size business & any size budget. Choose between multiple posts per day every day, or a single post just a few days a week. The choice is yours!

Our Social Media Marketing Specialists will use A/B testing and reporting to analyze your social media performance, and will then make suggestions for improvement to insure the highest level of performance.